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Parla Musk: "Divenire una specie multiplanetaria".

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Parla Musk: "Divenire una specie multiplanetaria".
« il: Mar 27/03/2018, 00:46 »
Elon Musk parla dei suoi progetti,dei progressi di Space X,e ovviamente del BFR.

(The ship is 48 meters in length. Dry mass is expected to be about 85 tons. Technically, our design says 75 tons but inevitably there will be mass growth. The ship will contain 1,100 tons of propellant with an ascent design of 150 tons and return mass of 50 tons. You can think of this as essentially combining the upper stage of the rocket with Dragon—it is as if the Falcon 9 upper stage and Dragon were combined

Based on our calculations, we can actually do lunar surface missions with no propellant production on the surface of the Moon . If we do a high elliptic parking orbit for the ship and retank in high elliptic orbit, we can go all the way to the Moon and back with no local propellant production on the Moon . I think that would enable the creation of Moon Base Alpha or some sort of lunar base. It is 2017. We should have a lunar base by now. ).

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Re:Parla Musk: "Divenire una specie multiplanetaria".
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Mi pare sia letteralmente ripreso (con qualche taglio) dalla conferenza IAC 2017 ad Adelaide, che ha anche lo stesso titolo.

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