[2009-09-28] Ares I | Ares I-X

Dati principali del lancio

Data di lancio 2009-09-28 15:30:00
Esito lancio SUCCESSO

Dettagli della missione

Nome Ares I-X
Tipo Volo di test
Orbita Suborbitale (Sub)

Centro e rampa di lancio

Nome Launch Complex 39B - Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA1 2 :us:
Lanci dalla rampa 57
Lanci dal Centro 203
Atterraggi al Centro 0


Vettore Ares I-X1
Costruttore National Aeronautics and Space Administration :us: 1 2
Fornitore servizi di lancio National Aeronautics and Space Administration :us:1 2
Primo volo 2009-10-28
Numero stadi 1
Altezza 99,70 m
Diametro 3,71 m
Peso al lancio 816 t
Spinta al decollo 12.000 kN
Capacità di carico LEO: -
GTO: -
Successi/Lanci totali 1/1 (1 consecutivi)


Rising into the Florida sky, the 327-foot rocket thunders away from the launch pad, marking the first time a new vehicle has launched from the complex since …

Altre informazioni

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The Ares I-X vehicle used in the test flight was similar in shape, mass, and size to the planned configuration of later Ares I vehicles, but had largely dissimilar internal hardware consisting of only one powered stage. Ares I vehicles were intended to launch Orion crew exploration vehicles. Along with the Ares V launch system and the Altair lunar lander, Ares I and Orion were part of NASA’s Constellation Program, which was developing the spacecraft for U.S. human spaceflight after the Space Shuttle fleet was retired.