AAA - Buone idee per l'esplorazione lunare cercansi

April 11, 2006

Dolores Beasley/Michael Braukus
Headquarters, Washington
(202) 358-1753/1979

RELEASE: 06-134


NASA issued a Request for Information Tuesday soliciting ideas on
lunar exploration activities that could be pursued as part of the
agency’s long term exploration goals for the moon, Mars and beyond.

Sponsored by NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, this
request seeks input from individuals and organizations covering a
broad range of disciplines, from lunar science activities, to
operational activities and technology research efforts that could be
done on the moon to assist in preparing for future human missions to
Mars and beyond.

The goal is to collect a wide variety of perspectives on future human
and robotic activities on the moon. Eventually, a multidisciplinary
lunar exploration strategy will be developed using information from a
variety of sources, including inputs received through this

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the Request For Information, visit:

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