Apollo exploitation movies


so Hollywood get Apollo Program in there claws

after Michael “Armageddon” Bay, Transformer3 give Apollo 11 a treatment :face_with_thermometer:
comes now “Apollo 18” a Thriller ala Alien :fearful:
were a US Military lunar mission look at manned Soviet landing site

personally i have mix feelings about this
i like Apollo Movies and Apollo 18 look good made
but for me Manned Lunar landing is something “sacred”
and not to be Hollywood exploitation
so Wat next, a Hustler Apollo porn Movie ? :rage:


I’m a sci-fi addicted, so, for me, movies are… simply movies.
I’ll watch both it without problem.

In particular I love Bay massive-explosion-movies, and I am looking forward to seeing Discovery orbiter transforming in a huge robot :slight_smile:


I like Bay Movies too :ok_hand:
just deactivate the logic system in the brain and have great fun :flushed:


I also think that “a movie is a movie” and obviously what you are seeing it is only something that comes from the writer’s brain. But, at the same time, I’m worried about what surely some people will tell: “It’s true, it’s true! We are under alien domination and NASA hidden it …” :face_vomiting:

Edit to correct an orthographic error.


Exactly! Conspirancy will certainly tell we’re under aliens’ domination!
The problem would be solved if the authors of a film wrote in the beginning of the film “Each reference to facts or people is purely casual”. But, how many times did you see certain premises in the beginning of a sci-fi film? Very few times, I think.