Apollo Guidance Computer Clone

Leggendo hackaday.com costantemente, a volte spuntano chicche come questa:

Cliff Miller pointed out this incredible project from 2004.
John Pultorak’s journey began in late 2000 when he decided to build a 60’s or 70’s era minicomputer.
While gathering technical documentation, he found some interesting information on the apollo guidance computer (agc) and felt that was the way to go.
The agc was the first integrated circuit computer ever built. Designed by mit in 1964 it was constructed from ~5000 ics, almost all 3-input nor gates.
John’s version uses late 1960’s 74ls ttl logic which gains him a 10 to 1 reduction in the number of ics. A good thing when you have to do ~15k
wirewrap connections. He also used flipflops and register chips instead of building everything from nor gates. John essentially built the agc three times:

  • first, he coded a simulator in c++.
  • Then, he imported the logic design into circuitmaker to verify that it would actually work.
  • Finally, he built the 3 by 5foot machine.
    He’s provided an amazing amount of documentation for anyone that wants to explore this device and the overview alone is well worth a look.

Ci tengo a sottolineare che l’agc funziona perfettamente come quello che volava sulle Apollo. :star_struck:

Potete of course trovare sul web tutta la sua documentazione assolutamente accurata e precisissima,
free for use, all’indirizzo http://klabs.org/history/build_agc/.

àˆ disponibile in pdf, appena posso allego qualche immagine, contatto John (o se vuole farlo il master admin sommo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
per chiedere di poter salvare tutto il lavoro e renderlo disponibile anche presso noi di ForumAstronautico :slight_smile:

Ecco il rack contenente l’hardware del computer in allegato

" :star_struck:" non è sufficiente per questo lavoro! :astonished:

Prossimo passo, simulare un AGC con una macchina di Turing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Direi VVVVery impressive!
Digital Apollo gli fa un baffo … :scream: