Bell'articolo sul numero odierno di The Space Review

TSR pubblica oggi un bell’articolo di approfondimento sullo sviluppo del CEV portando critiche intelligenti al programma così com’è oggi, e fa entrare in gioco la ISS da muovere con… un sistema filo!

Elements of the Vision for Space Exploration, lik the CEV and its launch vehicle, are being driven by outside pressures that are preventing the optimal design—or even overall architecture—from being chosen.
One of the biggest problems I think that the VSE has is that it requires too many important decisions to be made right now, committing to a long-term plan that may have serious flaws.
The ISS needs to be moved into a better orbit. The concept of using electrodynamic tethers to move the ISS into an orbit inclined at 28.5 degrees to the equator is compelling.