Greetings from Poland

Greetings from the rather chilly north :slight_smile:

I must say it’s great to see other forums with people so dedicated to space exploration and engineering. I represent - the largest Polish astronautical community, launched in 2002. Our users include amateurs and professionals working in several space related projects - most notably Chandrayaan-1, ESMO, ESEO and PW-Sat. We’re currently developing stratospheric balloon probe that should fly (fingers crossed) in about 6 months. Some of our guys are also working on reports - fact files or mission summaries. We also have some connections to Polish Space Research Center.

We would be very interested in sharing information regarding projects, events and space related facts. We’re willing to share drafts and content for Your consideration.

We’ve created a dedicated section in our forum for international users - if You’d like to post anything, that would be great place to do so:,79.0.html

As for me, I’ll show up from time to time posting some news from our neighbourhood.


Hi Maquis, and witamy na naszym forum!
I am happy you registered on
We’re alive since November 2005 and also here we’ve users that are both professionals and simple enthusiasts.

We’re more than happy to share infos and project related to space, and feel free to use all the materials you find on our forum. We ask in return just to respect our license (Creative Commons BY-SA-NC).
Also, feel free to ask anything you want in english, we’ll be glad to reply.

In these days we’re upgrading the “engine” of our forum, SMF, to RC2 2.0, so we’ve temporarily lost our dark “space” theme and you’ll maybe experience some minor problem here and there. We’re working on it.

Once again welcome, hope to hear from Poland very often :smiley:

Per gli amici di lingua italiana, Maquis (Adam) è l’admin del forum nostro equivalente in Polonia. E’ un grande piacere averlo qui dopo aver fatto la sua conoscenza su Twitter, dove scrive sotto il nick @fox_in_space
Il loro forum è veramente molto bello, e a parte la lingua per me assolutamente incomprensibile, realizzano lavori di notevole qualità.

Nice to meet you Maquis!!

Thanks for warm welcome.
We also did our upgrade not so long ago and still are resolving some issues.
But it should run smoothly.


Maquis, welcome on!

I do not speak English but I hope we can understand thanks to Google translation! :slight_smile:

Welcome in our community of space fanatics :wink:

Welcome to the – currently equally chilly – south.

Paolo Amoroso

Hi Maquis,
Welcome to forumAstronautico universe!!! --using Google Translate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: → Zapraszamy do świata forumAstronautico! (I hope it isn’t totally wrong!)

So Your bay is also frozen solid, and You can go 15 km into the sea? :wink:

“Chilly” in Italy is from 0 to -4/5°C in most cases, definitely not yours -15/-20° :fearful:
Only the highest lakes/creeks freezes… :roll_eyes:

I have no sea to check right now, but I guess it’s a little bit warmer :slight_smile:

Paolo Amoroso

Welcome among us Maquis!!!

Welcome Maquis, It’s a pleasure to extend our virtual community over Poland!

Welcome Maquis, we are happy to see you here!

Well, I guess I could say the same :wink:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome :slight_smile: