Il MER Tactical Operations Team femminile

Emily Lakdawalla della Planetary Society segnala un – altro – record dei MER: il 22 febbraio 2008 il Tactical Operations Team è stato interamente femminile: Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves. Un interessante articolo che parla anche dell’organizzazione dello staff MER e degli avvicendamenti di personale nel corso della missione.

Paolo Amoroso

Articolo di “Women Drivers on Mars”:

Visto che le stiamo onorando onoriamole fino in fondo…

[i]Science Operations Team:
-Science Operations Working Group Chair – Barbara Cohen, NASA Marshall Space Flight
-Center Science Operations Working Group Documentarian - Wendy Calvin, University of Nevada, Reno
-Long-Term Planning Lead - Joannah Metz, California Institute of Technology
-Keeper of the Plan - Emily Dean, Cornell University
-Mineralogy & Geochemistry Science Theme Group lead - Alian Wang, Washington University, St. Louis
-Geology Science Theme Group lead - Nathalie Cabrol, NASA Ames Research Center
-Atmospheres Science Theme Group lead - Nicole Spanovich, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
-Physical Properties Science Theme Group lead - Kim Lichtenberg, Washington University, St. Louis
-Pancam Payload Uplink Lead - Elaina McCartney, Cornell University
-Mini-TES Payload Uplink Lead - Amy Knudson, Arizona State University
-Microscopic Imager Payload Uplink Lead - Aileen Yingst, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
-Engineering Cameras Payload Uplink Lead - Brenda Franklin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
-APXS/Mössbauer Spectrometer Payload Uplink Lead - Mariek Schmidt, Smithsonian Institution
-Deputy Project Scientist - Diana Blaney, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Spacecraft Engineering Team, Jet Propulsion Laboratory:
-Engineering Team Lead - Sharon Laubach
-Mission Manager - Cindy Oda
-Rover Planners - Ashley Stroupe, Tara Estlin, and Julie Townsend
-Tactical Downlink Lead - Dina ElDeeb
-Tactical Activity Planner / Sequence Integration Engineers - Caroline Chouinard and Alicia Vaughan
-Tactical Uplink Leads - Colette Lohr and Pauline Hwang
-Telecom Subsystem - Manju Kapoor
-Power Subsystem - Jennifer Herman
-Mission Data Operations - Zsarina Bulchand
-MIPL Image Processing - Amy Chen
-Security - Cindy Alarcon-Rivera