Il piccolo samurai prova a tornare a casa

Ecco il comunicato stampa JAXA.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Tokyo, Japan


Seriously damaged Hayabusa making best efforts to come back to Earth

The Hayabusa project team has gradually restored communications between
the Hayabusa, who lost its attitude control just after its touchdown on
Nov. 26, and ground stations by taking various emergency measures.
According to the very limited information received so far, “The explorer
is still alive, but the communication function was seriously damaged. It
is almost a miracle that it functions at all.” (Mr. Kawaguchi, Project

It was also found that there is a possibility that the projectile for
sampling was not discharged. It is very hard to find out what has been
really going on through only partial information. The project team will
keep making its best efforts to have the explorer come back to Earth
including re-setting its orbit.

E si… mi ero emozionato pensando che questa piccola sonda giapponese fosse riuscita nell’impresa di raccogliere i campioni di asteroide ma poi ecco la doccia fredda della JAXA…
Peccato. Comunque rimane una missione dai risultati storici.

Onore alla JAXA :!:

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