Khrunichev's concept of manned space exploration

Khrunichev’s concept of improve TKS capsule on MAKS 2007 in Moscow.

From left to right

  • basic modification of TKS-based reusable manned spacecraft for Angara-A3 (Angara-5P) (six crew)
  • long-endurance (up to 30 days) modification of the first one with 3 crew
  • space station module

Basic system in detail

Basic system in detail

long-endurance and space station module in detail

shall we called it Orionsky ? :grinning:
or better TKS on steroids :grin:

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Carina, molto carina :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

For sure TKS concept was better than Orion, in principle due to its really modular design. It is demostrated by all the actual proposals based upon this project even if it have almost 40 years.

“Sicuramente il concetto del TKS è molto migliore rispetto all’Orion, in primis a causa del suo design davvero modulare. La dimostrazione sta nelle numerose proposte di upgrade di questo veicolo fatte di recente, nonostante il progetto di base abbia circa 40 anni”.