Le ultime su Dawn


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Mission: Dawn
Location: Astrotech Space Operations Facility Launch Pad: 17-B
Launch Vehicle: Delta II 7925-H
Launch Date: July 7, 2007
Launch Time: 4:09:31 - 4:36:22 p.m. EDT

In preparation for the upcoming July 3 Flight Readiness Review, the mission team is working to resolve several issues. These include engineering checkouts and analysis on solid rocket motor attachment points strength; cork insulation repair; battery replacement; and additional technical checkouts of the launch vehicle. Managers also are ensuring that all tracking elements will be in place to support the July 7-11 launch window.

The Dawn spacecraft arrived at Pad 17-B this morning and was hoisted atop the Delta II launch vehicle.

The Flight Program Verification, an integrated test to verify that the launch vehicle and the spacecraft are working together, is scheduled for June 29.

The fairing will be installed around the Dawn spacecraft atop the rocket on July 1.

Mission: Phoenix Location: Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility Launch Pad: 17-A Launch Vehicle: Delta II 7925 Launch Date: Aug. 3, 2007 Launch Time: 5:35:18 a.m. EDT

The solar array lighting test and installation of the spacecraft parachute are complete.

Spacecraft fueling is scheduled for July 2-3.

Spin balance testing is scheduled for July 11-12

At Pad 17-A, the attachment of the nine solid rocket boosters to the Delta II first stage is complete. Hoisting of the second stage atop the first stage is scheduled for June 28.

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