Mars Exploration Rover Update - September 12, 2006

OPPORTUNITY UPDATE: Finishing Up Scuff Work and Heading for ‘Emma Dean’

  • sol 928-935, September 12, 2006:

Opportunity is healthy and just over 100 meters (328 feet) from
“Victoria Crater.” The rover completed robotic arm work on a scuff mark
it made on sol 919. On sol 929 (Sept. 4, 2006), Opportunity almost got
hole-in-one by driving 100.31 meters (329 feet) to the small crater
“Emma Dean.” The rover arrived just 5 meters (16 feet) short of Emma
Dean. On sol 931 the rover photographed the bit of the rock abrasion
tool (RAT) to help engineers estimate how many more grinds might be
possible with the tool. The hazard avoidance camera took several
high-resolution images at different angles. The RAT engineers are
examining them to see how much “bite” is left in the RAT. Also on sol
931, a short bump to an ejecta rock was attempted in the hopes of
grinding it. Another bump (tentatively scheduled for sol 937) will have
to be attempted before the rover can actually grind it. The remainder
the week had Opportunity acquiring remote-sensing science at Emma Dean.

Following the robotic arm campaign at Emma Dean, Opportunity will
continue its drive to Victoria Crater.

Sol-by-sol summaries:

Sol 928 (Sept. 3, 2006): Opportunity used the microscopic imager on the
robotic arm to look at scuff-mark targets “Powell” and “Powell’s
Brother.” The rover also used the alpha particle X-ray spectrometer on
Powell’s Brother. The miniature thermal emission spectrometer was also
used on this sol.

Sol 929: The rover bumped back this sol and used its panoramic camera.
It also drove forward toward the small crater referred to as Emma Dean.
The rover also took some post-drive images.

Sol 930: This sol consisted of untargeted remote sensing.

Sol 931: Opportunity bumped to a rover arm target at Emma Dean and
conducted untargeted remote sensing.

Sol 932: The rover conducted untargeted remote sensing.

Sol 933: Opportunity conducted targeted remote sensing.

Sol 934: Opportunity conducted targeted remote sensing.

Sol 935 (Sept. 10, 2006): Opportunity conducted targeted remote

As of sol 931 (Sept. 6, 2006), Opportunity’s total odometry was
meters (5.67 miles).