missile in partenza dalla california?

dal sito di repubblica…


Notizia strana apparsa su Repubblica, questo (possibile scherzo a parte) con buona pace di quanti credono seriamente alle menate dei complottisti stile “Apollo 18”.

Posto che fosse possibile lanciare un Saturno V dalla California (e non lo era assolutamente) avete idea di quanta gente avrebbe assistito al lancio, anche a distanza?

ci sarebbe da chiedersi se questi giornali si rendano conto di cosa effettivamente pubblichino e se gran parte delle persone che li leggono si pongano la stessa domanda.

Beh… in realtà è molto probabilmente un missile… non vedo la notizia…

Dal Jonathan Space Report di Jonathan McDowell:

Mystery missile launch? Or aircraft contrail?

Launches of NASA Black Brant IX rockets from San Nicolas Island in
California carrying MARTI targets for the Missile Defense Agency’s
Airborne Laser testbed have been removed from public NASA schedules. The
most recent such launch, which was publicly acknowledged, was on Oct 21.
The MDA has also launched Scud missiles as targets from the ocean off
Point Mugu. Launches of target missiles for the Aegis ship-based
missile defense system begin tested by the US and Japan have also occurred
in the Pt Mugu area.

Video of a contrail seen by an LA helicopter news crew on Nov 9 (Nov 8
Pacific time) not far from the San Nicolas/Pt Mugu area might be related
to these programs, but it’s been suggested by experienced observers that
it’s probably just be an aircraft contrail seen almost head-on and
illuminated by the setting sun. See
http://uncinus.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/4/ for another example.

Lo trovate nel draft del prossimo numero della Newsletter.

cosa c’ entrava il Saturno 5?


Attivissimo pensa si tratti della scia di condensazione di un aereo.

Chissà perchè ma me lo aspettavo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Possibile che non si possa più lanciare qualcosa in segreto senza che qualcuno urli al complotto?
L’SR71 mica l’hanno collaudato con le telecamere addosso!

A ben vedere, bisogna ringraziare che non si parla di UFO :ok_hand:

Già… segnalo anche questo articolo del sempre attivo Attivissimo (linkato sul post segnalato qui sopra), con qualche dettaglio in più:

Attivissimo su Wired.it

A quanto pare l’ipotesi più probabile resta la scia di condensazione di un aereo, più che un progetto militare segreto. … o magari una scia chimica…

…p.s… giusto per essere sicuri: il commento sulla scia chimica era una battuta, eh… lungi da me dal credere ad una simile baggianata… del resto sono un ingegnere, quindi parte del complotto…

Altra chicca segnalata da Attivissimo :slight_smile:

Su di una ML lego questo:

  1. While the bandwagon picks up momentum about the stupid Pentagon
    not even knowing who launched a missile right in front of Los Angeles ,
    a website by an sky expert and pilot devoted to debunking crackpot atmospheric
    theories (such as ‘chemtrail poisoning plots’) has come up with a startling
    prosaic explanation – and linked to visual evidence in support of it.

  2. I am persuaded by the argument that the CBS helicopter news crew
    saw and videotaped a commercial airliner’s contrail under special viewing

  3. There was no missile. There was no military oversight or ‘oops’.

  4. The most impressive argument that airliner contrails can look like missile
    launches (and this video sure looked like one, to me and almost everyone else)
    is composed of videos where it’s happened before. Here are two:
    and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sVmjpDZLN0

  5. Writing on his website http://contrailscience.com, a California-based pilot with the
    nom de guerre of “Cirrus Uncinus” (personal email uncinus@gmail.com) argues that
    under special perspectives and lighting conditions – which were in fact present last
    night – some airliner contrails can appear to mimic the presentation of a missile launch.
    And he has the examples to support the idea.

  6. The site is taking an overload today, since others have discovered his theory.
    Even after he re-hosted the site it still was very slow. So he just shut his website down
    due to the excessive traffic – but I already downloaded the full story and can send as desired.

  7. Evidence from the Defense Department is frustratingly vague, but
    apparently not inconsistent with the airliner theory.

  8. Despite press reports that the DoD admits not knowing about “it” (the
    mystery missile launch), all DoD statements from NORAD in Colorado
    Springs and from the US Strategic Command in Omaha very carefully
    describe the event as an “unexplained contrail”, NOT an “unidentified missile”.

  9. The top aerospace defense control center at Vandenberg AFB has flatly
    stated that it is unaware of any such launches.

  10. The data base of warnings for planes and ships does not include ANY
    messages that covers the apparent region and time of launch.

  11. There is a NOTAMS – notice to airmen and mariners – for TODAY that
    specified a naval test range being closed for the afternoon (PST).

  12. That message was issue yesterday but the time interval did not cover the
    CBS reported launch. MORE to the point – that message specified a maximum
    off-limits altitude of “FL039”, “flight level 0-3-9”, or 39,000 ft.

  13. For missiles, ALL US DOD, NASA, and even Russian warning messages
    specify an off-limits range of ‘surface to UNLIMITED’. So this current message
    has nothing to do with a missile test and is apparently only a coincidence.

  14. If this explanation is accurate – and I am persuaded that it is – then the real
    story is just how off track mass media narratives can get based on an
    original honest and reasonable misinterpretation of something in the sky –
    a misinterpretation that folks in the LA area are justifiably primed to make
    since they really do have front row center seating for offshore missile

  15. “Uncinus” (Latin for “Hook”), in a message posted on his website this morning,
    compared last night’s faux-missile launch to one that had occurred recently: “Another misidentification, from pretty much the same location, this time from a local
    CBS news crew. Note it’s pretty much in the same location. Note also it’s not exactly moving at missile speed. Note also it’s practically identical to the photos of plane contrails, above. And once again millions of people failed to notice, because from any other angle it looked like what it was, a contrail, from a plane. Must be a slow news day, as this went all the way up to Jim Miklaszewski asking people at the pentagon about it.”

  16. This has been one heck of a space/missile flap!

Anche NASA fa il debunking con tanto di foto dal satellite della scia dell’aereo.


Mio fratello abita a Pasadena, e dice che sente regolarmente il doppio bang sonico dello Shuttle che atterra a Vandemberg, le volte che la Florida e’ chiusa per brutto tempo.

Quindi, calcolando che il lancio di un Saturn e’ una cosa abbastanza facile da vedere, credo se ne sarebbero accorti…

Ehmm… forse a Edwards… a Vandenberg lo shuttle non è mai atterrato… :smiley:

Esssi’, mi ero un po’ confuso, sorry…