Mission to Jupiter: A History of the Galileo - Michael Meltzer per Books Express Publishing, 2007

Non ho ancora avuto il tempo di sfogliarla…

The NASA History Division is pleased to announce the publication of
Michael Meltzer’s Mission to Jupiter: A History of the Galileo Project
(NASA SP-2007-4231). A landmark mission in terms of planetary science
and spacecraft design, the Galileo spacecraft project also explored a
new frontier. This book tells the story of how managers amd other
project personnel skillfully overcome major hurdles to make this mission
a significant success. Hard copies of this book are for sale to the
public through NASA’s Center for Aerospace Information
(http://www.sti.nasa.gov) for $25 domestically and $50 internationally.
An electronic copy is also available at
http://history.nasa.gov/sp4231.pdf online.