Momentaneamente bloccate le EVA

Momentaneamente bloccate le EVA per un problema durante un test a terra era presente del fumo nella Extravehicular Mobility Unit,
potrebbe portare a ritardi in cascata sulla missione 122

"Cut gloves during STS-120 and a failed EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) test are undergoing large scale evaluations by NASA engineers, with a resolution to the latter required before any further spacewalks will be allowed.

Testing of one EMU, inside the giant pressurized chamber at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, was halted after a smell of smoke was noted.

The crewmember testing the suit in Houston last Friday was removed from the EMU without suffering any injury, although the problem is now officially part of a mishap investigation.

‘EMU Spacesuit Troubleshooting: During a SSATA (Space Station Airlock Test Article) chamber run on the ground this past Friday, a crew member reported the smell of smoke inside the EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit). The run was terminated, and the crew member extracted without incident,’ noted the latest On Orbit Status report.

‘A mishap investigation board was formed and has recommended that all life support system operations (power, O2 ops, etc.) for the on-orbit EMUs be terminated until a root cause can be determined. Thus, the on-orbit EMUs are No Go. All other ops, such as suit resizing, can be performed.’

A resolution will need to be found by the investigation team, by November 20, ahead of when the next ISS stage spacewalk (EVA-10) is due to be conducted. A delay could have a knock on effect to the scheduled launch date of STS-122. "

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Il blocco temporaneo delle attività extra-veicolari (EVA’s) sarà probabilmente tolto alla fine della giornata di oggi con un meeting del IMMT (International Space Station Mission Management Team ) per l’approvazione dell’EVA-11 programmata.
I controlli sulla EMU che ha provocato dei fumi nei giorni scorsi si stanno ancora svolgendo, senza tuttavia aver rilevato problemi tali da non permettere lo sblocco delle EVA’s.

Da: NasaSpaceflight