Nasce C-Star

Per non perdere l’esperienza e la conoscenza accumulata negli ultimi 4 anni, il Team Direct ha fondato una nuova società in amibito aerospaziale, la C-Star Aerospace.

Il cuore della società è formato da persone impegnate nel settore da decenni che stanno già sviluppando nuove tecnologie sia per l’industria privata che governativa.

Ecco l’annuncio rilasciato oggi da Ross Tierney:
DIRECT Team Declares Success and Looks to the Future

[i]13th October 2010
Cape Canaveral, Florida

The DIRECT Team congratulates and applauds the President, Senate, and the House of Representatives for passing legislation enabling NASA to begin work on the Space Launch System Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle, based on existing Space Shuttle components.

In 2006, the DIRECT Team began promoting a similar inline launcher, and over the next four years continued to refine the concept into the DIRECT architecture and the Jupiter family of launch vehicles. NASA has now begun developing their new launch vehicle based on virtually identical concepts. As a result, the DIRECT Team has brought its all-volunteer effort to a successful conclusion. “We did everything we set out to do and we declare success” said Chuck Longton, DIRECT Team co-founder. “Now it is time for the team to refocus on new goals.

Over the past four years, the DIRECT Team assembled a talented team from across the entire American aerospace industry. Following the successful conclusion of the DIRECT effort, the team has decided not to disband. The team has chosen to refocus the enormous wealth of talent that has been collected, and channel this expertise in a completely new direction. Ross Tierney, original founder of the DIRECT Team said “Today, the DIRECT Team is pleased to announce the formation of a new space technology company: C-Star Aerospace, LLC.”

The core of the C-Star Aerospace team brings with them decades of experience and leadership in the space industry. The new team has already begun developing a variety of innovative new capabilities and technologies for both government and commercial industry. Over the next year, the company will be expanding its executive team and building a highly skilled workforce to ensure the success of this new commercial space enterprise.


Since 2006, the DIRECT Team – a volunteer group of over 90 aerospace-industry engineers, NASA managers and space-flight advocates – has made the case for reworking the existing Space Shuttle vehicle design and infrastructure into a powerful, yet cost-effective Heavy Lift launch system named “Jupiter”, similar to that outlined in the new legislation. The timeline and human-rating needs called for in the new Authorization Act make it overwhelmingly likely that existing Shuttle hardware and facilities will be adapted to create this new launch system, with possible inclusions of select components from the Constellation Program.

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Public Relations Officer
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