Nuovo rinvio per il secondo lancio di Falcon-1

La Space-X ha annunciato che ha rinviato a non prima di metà febbraio il secondo lancio del proprio vettore Falcon-1. Il motivo è nella scoperta di un problema con uno dei componenti del vettore. Una prova motori verrà eseguita fra il 20 ed il 23 gennaio.


…e neanche la prova statica sarà eseguita, secondo il comunicato che ho testè ricevuto…

January 25, 2007: DemoFlight 2 Launch Update

In an excess of caution, we decided not to proceed with the static fire this month. The vehicle is now back in the hangar, where the stages are being demated for careful inspection.

The static fire and launch window is now mid to late February, due to Kwaj having to configure for an incoming Minuteman and then reconfigure back to handling a Falcon launch. During this downtime, we will take the opportunity to go over every inch of the rocket with a microscope again.

As Andy Grove said, “Only the Paranoid Survive”.


E ancora rinviato…

February 7, 2007

DemoFlight 2 Launch Update

We have recently been informed by the Kwajalein Army Range that they do not have sufficient resources to support our launch in mid to late Feb. Several range personnel critical to the launch safety process will be unavailable in that timeframe. The earliest launch window available from the Range now opens March 9.

Additional Falcon 1 Flights in 2007

After the upcoming demonstration flight, Falcon 1 is scheduled to launch a satellite for the US Navy Research Laboratory (funded by the Office of Force Transformation) in late summer and then a satellite for the Malaysian Space Agency late in the year. We are also building an additional Falcon 1 vehicle in the event that some promising customer discussions culminate in a fourth Falcon 1 launch this year.


Peccato :frowning:

Gli ultimi updates

March 5, 2007

DemoFlight 2 Launch Update

The launch window is now March 19th to 22nd (California time). During extended ground testing in late February, one of our second stage thrust vector control boards indicated a problem. Although our analysis showed substantial margin for flight, we decided nonetheless to increase the robustness of certain of the components and run a delta qualification.

The upgraded boards will be installed this week. If all goes well, Falcon 1 will do a static fire next week and then launch in the week of the 19th