Opposizione Senatoriale al piano di Obama: Articolo di Space Review.

When the White House unveiled its new plan for NASA last month as part of its 2011 budget proposal, presumably they knew to expect some opposition from Congress, particularly from those representing districts and states that benefitted from Constellation. Perhaps, though, they thought they could win some support from across the aisle for one aspect of the plan: development of commercial systems to ferry astronauts to low Earth orbit. After all, the logic likely went, Republicans have long supported free enterprise and efforts to turn government programs over to the private sector; surely they could support this?

That hasn’t been the case. By and large Republicans and Democrats alike have expressed skepticism at best—and dismay and even outrage at worst—about that aspect of the plan


Nel frattempo i “rumors” danno prendere sempre più corpo le proposte del Senatore Bill Nelson: