Post Flight Reports, Fact Files drafts

As I written before, my branch of forum is responsible for designing and publishing reports considering various aspects of the space exploration. You can check them out here:,81.0.html

Problem with them is that there’s too much material for one forum to do everything (I have dozens of stuff waiting to be done for instance). So - if You’re interested I can put online complete drafts of documents that were published into PDF format You can see in the link above. This would mean that You would only have to change included text (it’s in polish). Believe me - this would save You a lot of work (typically a week or two - three in case of STS-125) needed to check images and set up proper caption and ID number (surprisingly there are sometimes errors on NASA’s captions!).

Of course this could work both ways. As I said, we are overloaded with stuff so If You’ll make something new - we could do same thing as above - simply insert new text without the need of checking up attached imagery. This way both forums could complement each other.

All drafts are made in freeware Scribus DTP software.

So, let me know if You’re interested in such co-operation.

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