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Scott Lowter builds Space Craft (like bankrupt The Pathfinder Rocketplane progamm)
but he has Webpage für Space Aircraft PDF and Models
worldwide famous for his Aerospace Projects Review

model like this

Rockwell alternativ 1972 Shuttle Design

PDF on CD-Rom offer

Republic AP-76 (X-15) detailed design report A 70 page PDF presentation on Republics entry into the X-15 contest,

Convair flying submarine report 21 page PDF

“Saturn IB Improvement Study, Phase II Final Report”

Saturn V Payload Planner’s Guide
Lunar Module Inboard diagrams
Paraglider Recovery System for the Saturn Booster
Apollo Extension System Diagrams (AES)
Launch Complex 39 documents LC-39

“The Story Of Peenemunde, Or What Might Have Been.”

Early Shuttle Doc: Integral Launch and Reentry Vehicle

And Now the Best on page
Aerospace Projects Review the Electronic Version, pletely updated and released on CD-ROM!

eVolume 1

eVolume 2

and the Cost ?
for each CD-Rom with one PDF ship Woldwide for unly $8 !!!