Главный (The Chief) nuovo film su S.P. Korolev

Ieri c’è stata la premiere a Mosca ed a breve lo vedranno anche i 6 sulla ISS


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Beh, speriamo appaia in Italiano.

Leggendo il libro “Russia’s Cosmonauts, Inside the Yuri Gagarin Training Center” di Rex D. Hall, David J. Shayler and Bert Vis, ho trovato qualcosa di interessante su Yuri Kara, il regista del sopracitato film su Korolev.
ctrello-c, ctrello-v pari pari…

[left]"In December 1997, came the first reports of film director Yuri Kara’s desire to make a feature film using the Mir space station.
The story line was that in 1999, the Russians were going to abandon Mir, but one cosmonaut refuses to leave and says he will orbit the Earth for the rest of his days.
The controllers decide to send a female cosmonaut up to the station to lure him back.
The cost of the project was estimated at around US$ 20 million and the film would be called The Mark of Cassandra', as it was based on a novel of the same name by Chingiz Aitmatov. [/i] [i]They had identified three actors to play the parts: Vladimir Steklov, Nataliya Gramushkina (who was 22 [/i][i]and a recent drama school graduate) and Olga Kabo. [/i] [i]By 1999 it was decided that only one actor would fly to Mir, to play the renegade cosmonaut. [/i] [i]The scenes involving other actors would be shot on the ground and in transport aircraft in free-[/i][i]fall mode.[/i] [i]In April 1999, an agreement was signed between the training centre and the State Committee on Cinematography to train actor Vladimir Steklov, starting on 1 July.[/i] [i]He was introduced to his trainers on 7 June and was scheduled to undertake a six-[/i][i]month training programme. [/i] [i]The female cosmonaut would now be played by Masha Shukshina and there are pictures of her undertaking sea training in the Black Sea.[/i] [i]Steklov did his sea training with Sergey Volkov and US astronaut Joan Higginbotham.[/i] [i]In January 2000, the issue of finance was still the major block to the mission. [/i] [i]The main crew of Zalyotin and Kaleri, who would be the last crew on Mir, were only a [/i][i]couple of months away from their launch and a crew picture had been taken that [/i][i]included Steklov. [/i] [i]It became clear that no state funding would be available to support the mission, but there were rumours that a Virgin Island venture capital company was interested. [/i] [i]By now, the title of the film had also changed toThe Final Journey’.
Steklov passed his medical at Star City on 26 February, as mission planners wanted to take the project to the wire, but he had no back-up.
On 16 March, it was decided to remove Steklov from the crew as no money was forthcoming and the crew was due to leave for Baykonur for their pre-launch tests a couple of days later.
A spokesperson for the Russian Aerospace Agency said that Steklov, `will not go to Mir as earlier planned because of a failure to meet the terms of the contract.’
The producers of the movie claimed that the initial payment to get the project underway had been made, but Russian space officials complained that they had not even been paid for Steklov’s training, let alone the multi-million dollar bill for the flight.
This was the end of the project, because in early April, the Soyuz TM 30 craft blasted off for the last flight to Mir with only a two-person crew on board."[/left]

Finalmente l’ho trovato.
Ma esiste solo in russo, vabbè conoscendo l’argomento e i termini tecnici lo si capisce lo stesso.
La fortuna della produzione è quella di aver potuto girare presso Energhia e a Bajkonour, quindi niente mockups in cartone.


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C’è (almeno per ora) per intero su youtube qui.

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Grazie mille per la segnalazione!

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