The Space Review - 2006-01-15

Welcome to this week’s issue of The Space Review:

The Vision at three: smooth sailing or rough seas?

Three years after President Bush announced the Vision for Space
Exploration, the program appears to be alive and well, but is not
without significant near-term challenges. Jeff Foust explains why
the next two years are so critical to the future of the agency’s long-
term exploration plans.

Independent space colonization: questions and implications

The term “colonization” might have fallen out of favor in most
audiences, but the concept is essential to the long-term future of
humans in space. Taylor Dinerman discusses some of the legal issues
of independent human settlements beyond Earth.

Pay attention: get a free trip around the Moon opens today offering advertiser-supported free
trips around the Moon. Owner Sam Dinkin introduces the concept and
its implications.

The “base first” decision: crew survival and reusability

NASA’s announcement last month that it plans to develop a lunar base
will shape the development of the vehicles that will take crews and
supplies there. John Strickland examines the issues of crew
survivability and the importance of reusable spacecraft.

Celebrating Korolyov

Friday marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Russian space
pioneer Sergey Korolyov. Lorne Ipsum reviews the life and
accomplishments of the Chief Designer.

L’articolo sulla base lunare (e l’utilizzo di mezzi riutilizzabili tipo Eagle… :wink: ) è veramente molto interessante.