Tranquility Base ripresa da camera DAC di Eagle dopo il decollo dalla Luna

Allego di seguito con il permesso dell’autore un interessante messaggio inviato alla mailing list ProjectApollo.

Paolo Amoroso

From: Ian Regan Subject: Interesting Apollo 11 Discovery Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 12:57 PM

Upon reviewing the Apollo 11 DAC footage on the wonderful Spacecraft
Films boxed set, I discovered something rather interesting about the
lunar ascent sequence.

As we all know, Aldrin was late in starting the camera, so both the
moment of liftoff and the subsequent ascent stage pitch-over are
sadly absent from the footage. However, in comparing the first
properly exposed frame of the ascent film with a Lunar Orbiter
photograph of the landing site, I realised that the northern-most
portion of Tranquility Base is visible, with the descent stage
frustratingly just out of view, hidden behind the hull of the

Here is the photograph of the Apollo 11 landing site taken by Lunar
Orbiter V:

The green ‘X’ indicates the location where Eagle landed. Just to the
south-west is the double-crater that was visible out of Neil’s
window. To the east is the small crater that Neil visited during the
EVA (‘East Crater’).

Now compare the Lunar Orbiter view to the first properly exposed
frame of the Apollo 11 ascent DAC footage, rotated so that North is

The large, shallow crater to the left, and the smaller, sharper
craters that it contains, are the most obvious features that link
these two views. The green ‘X’ this time indicates the location of
the descent stage. Some of the craters in this DAC view may be
visible in the photographs that Buzz shot out of his window prior to
and after the EVA.

In conclusion, it appears that the sequence camera was activated
right after pitch-over, far earlier than I had previously assumed.