Una palla di fango dallo spazio

Vi segnalo un articolo da astronomy.com che racconta del recupero (dei frammenti) di un meteorite di tipo carbonaceo caduto in Costa Rica alla fine del mese scorso.

Meteorites come in many different types. But some of the most precious are called carbonaceous chondrites, valued because they contain large amounts of water and organic compounds. These meteorites contain a history of that water from the solar system’s early days, and trace how the materials of life were distributed across the planets and space.

On April 23 of this year, one of these meteors – roughly the size of a washing machine – streaked through the skies over the Costa Rican town of Aguas Zarcas. As it fell, it broke into many smaller pieces, and astronomers scrambled to collect and study them. They are the first large fall of carbonaceous chondrites in half a century, and should provide ample data on the history of water in the solar system, according to a press release from Arizona State University, which is studying the meteorite.

Space.com riprende l’argomento mostrando anche la cuccia di un cane colpita da uno dei frammenti (il cane per fortuna è illeso) :joy_cat:

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