Polish hardware development update


Yeah well, I can either write in english or in polish and I guess the latter would be much, much worse :wink:


Can’t say more but expect to hear things about Vega soon.


Basic chassis design for Hevelius 2 is nearly complete so I’ll be working with composites this weekend. Hopefully it will all go smoothy.

Things are going forward with our backup on board computer design too. Integration of the elements should commence pretty soon now.

On the other hand we’re still gathering ideas for the system. Last wild goose is the suggested capability of sending transmission to ISS and getting a response (forwarding). Therefore we could try getting an indirect signal that way. Pros I don’t have to explain I think. Cons - this mode is really power hungry and requires large antenna.


Pushing forward.
Some sketches are in attachment.

From other news - PW-Sat is nearly ready to be send to ESTEC.

upper_sketch_max.pdf (30.9 KB)


Some solid data about CHOMIK, MOLE and MUPUS, You might be interested in.

In the meantime Hevelius 2 probe is getting shape. 3D models below:

First one is the probe itself obviously, second one is proposed design for camera mount side module which is A-class module (so a full size module). Third image shows Universal Baseplate which is a basic side wall used for mounting experiments. Last image shows O-class null wall - a side filler used when mass constrait is an issue (in example when an experiment has higher mass than usual).