[2018-01-25] Ariane 5 ECA | Al Yah 3 & SES-14

Dati principali del lancio

Data di lancio 2018-01-25 22:20:00
Finestra di lancio Durata: 00:45:00
Da 2018-01-25 22:20:00 a 2018-01-25 23:05:00

Dettagli della missione

Nome Al Yah 3 & SES-14
Tipo Telecomunicazioni
Orbita Supersynchronous Transfer Orbit (Super-GTO)

Centro e rampa di lancio

Nome Ariane Launch Area 3 - Kourou, Guiana Francese1 2 :french_guiana:
Lanci dalla rampa 115
Lanci dal Centro 315
Atterraggi al Centro 0


Vettore Ariane 5 ECA 1
Costruttore Arianespace :fr: 1 2
Fornitore servizi di lancio Arianespace :fr:1 2
Primo volo 2002-12-11
Numero stadi 2
Altezza 57,70 m
Diametro 5,40 m
Peso al lancio 780 t
Spinta al decollo 11.400 kN
Capacità di carico LEO: -
GTO: 10.500 kg
Successi/Lanci totali 71/73 (8 consecutivi)


For its first launch of 2018, Arianespace will use an Ariane 5 from the Guiana Space Center (CSG) in French Guiana to launch the SES-14 and Al Yah 3 satellites for operators SES and Yahsat (Al Yah Satellite Communications Company). With this 295th mission of its launcher family – the 241st utilizin…

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Al Yah 3 is a geostationary communications satellite built by Orbital ATK for Yahsat. It weighs 3790 kg, carries 53 Ka-band user beams and 4 gateway beams, and is intended for 15 years of operation in orbit. Al Yah 3 will provide telecommunication services to Africa and Brazil. SES-14 is also a communications satellite to be placed in geostationary orbit, replacing NSS-806 satellite. SES-14 coverage includes the Americas and the North Atlantic Region. Spacecraft also carries a hosted payload for NASA, Global-Scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission, which will be imaging Earth’s thermosphere and ionospehere for two years.