New Anime in Japan

Rocket Girls ist Crasy, Crasy, Crasy Story of SSA (Solomon Space Agency) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

they Problems, everyone Seven LS-7 Booster Explodes at Test Launch.

with Shutdown of Projekt in 6 months, the SSC Boss Nasuda take drastic Massure
use the LS-5 Booster but This with all Payload
there only 40 kg for Astronaut :scream:

as they only Astronaut runs Away, in chase after him Nasuda mets Morita Yukari
a 16 year old high school girl and she is 38,5 kg!
so she is hired to work part-time. That job is – an astronaut.

the World Press: Japan launch first Astronaut…A HIGH SCHOOL GIRL!? :scream:

Rocket Girl ist Fun, but with Realistic Hardware and Rocket ! :smiley:
the make take very nasty punch on real Japans Chaotic Space Program :-"
in 12 Episode on DVD or 3 Novels (books)