Astronauta David Wolf

Dati personali

Nome David Wolf
Data di nascita 1956-08-23
Nazionalità :us: Statunitense
Tipo Governativo
Affiliazione National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Status Ritiratǝ
Tempo nello spazio 168 giorni, 8 ore, 56 minuti, 50 secondi
Tempo in EVA 1 giorno, 17 ore, 57 minuti
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Note biografiche

(Traduzione automatica) David Alexander Wolf is an American astronaut, medical doctor and electrical engineer. Wolf has been to space four times. Three of his spaceflights were short-duration Space Shuttle missions, the first of which was STS-58 in 1993, and his most recent spaceflight was STS-127 in 2009. Wolf also took part in a long-duration mission aboard the Russian space station Mir which lasted 128 days, and occurred during Mir EO-24. He was brought to Mir aboard STS-86 in September 1997, and landed aboard STS-89 in January 1998. In total Wolf has logged more than 4,040 hours in space. He is also a veteran of 7 spacewalks totaling 41hrs 17min in both Russian and American spacesuits.


Dal Al Destinazione Lancio Veicolo spaziale
International Space Station Space Shuttle Endeavour / OV-105 | STS-127 Space Shuttle Endeavour
Mir Space Shuttle Endeavour / OV-105 | STS-89 Space Shuttle Endeavour
Orbita bassa terrestre Space Shuttle Columbia / OV-102 | STS-58 Space Shuttle Columbia
International Space Station Space Shuttle Atlantis / OV-104 | STS-112 Space Shuttle Atlantis


Expedition Ruolo Inizio Fine Durata
Mir EO-24 Flight Engineer 1997-08-05 1998-02-19 197:17:35:00

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