Astronauta Joseph R. Tanner

Dati personali

Nome Joseph R. Tanner
Data di nascita 1950-01-21
Nazionalità :us:
Tipo Governativo
Affiliazione National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Status Ritiratǝ
Tempo nello spazio 43 giorni, 13 ore, 14 minuti, 4 secondi [1]
Tempo in EVA 45 ore, 29 minuti
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Note biografiche

(Traduzione automatica) Joseph Richard “Joe” Tanner is an American instructor at the University of Colorado Boulder, mechanical engineer, a former naval officer and aviator, and a former NASA astronaut. He was born in Danville, Illinois. He is unusual among astronauts as he did not have a background in flight test nor did he earn any advanced academic degrees. Typically those who did not do military flight test have an M.D. or Ph.D., if not a master’s, whereas Tanner’s path to becoming an astronaut followed operational military flying and then into NASA for operational jet training before being selected into the NASA Astronaut Corps in 1992, following an unsuccessful application in 1987.


Dal Al Destinazione Lancio Veicolo spaziale
Orbita bassa terrestre Space Shuttle Atlantis / OV-104 | STS-66 Space Shuttle Atlantis
Orbita bassa terrestre Space Shuttle Discovery / OV-103 | STS-82 Space Shuttle Discovery
International Space Station Space Shuttle Endeavour / OV-105 | STS-97 Space Shuttle Endeavour
International Space Station Space Shuttle Atlantis / OV-104 | STS-115 Space Shuttle Atlantis

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