Astronauta Michail Tjurin

Dati personali

Nome Michail Tjurin
Data di nascita 1960-03-02
Nazionalità :ru: Russa
Tipo Governativo
Affiliazione Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS)
Status Ritiratǝ
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Note biografiche

(Traduzione automatica) Mikhail Vladislavovich Tyurin (Russian: Михаил Владиславович Тюрин) (born March 2, 1960) is a former Russian cosmonaut who flew several missions to the International Space Station and completed four spacewalks during his career. He is called a hero of the Russian Federation for his work as a cosmonaut.

In 1994 he was selected to begin cosmonaut training, and in 1998 he started training as a flight engineer for the Expedition 3 crew. He also served as a backup crew member for the first ISS mission.


Dal Al Destinazione Lancio Veicolo spaziale
International Space Station Sojuz-FG | Sojuz TMA-9 Sojuz TMA-9
International Space Station Sojuz FG | Sojuz TMA-11M Sojuz TMA-11M
International Space Station Space Shuttle Endeavour / OV-105 | STS-108 Space Shuttle Endeavour


Expedition Ruolo Inizio Fine Durata
Expedition 3 Flight Engineer 2001-08-12 2001-12-15 124:22:47:00
Expedition 14 Flight Engineer 2006-09-18 2007-04-21 215:08:22:00
Expedition 38 Flight Engineer 2013-11-10 2014-05-11 181:00:36:00
Expedition 39 Flight Engineer 2014-03-11 2014-05-13 63:22:34:00

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