Benvenuti! Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! Willkommen!

Hi all!
Thanks to be here visiting, the first, best and biggest Italian forum website dedicated to space enthusiasts.
I’ve just created this forum in order to permit our foreign visitors to post their messages.
It’s clear that this is a full Italian language website, but exploration of space is indeed an international effort, so this is a place to extend our borders well beyond our courtyard.

Here you’ll also find some translation of our most intriguing threads.
Stay tuned!

I look forward your posts.

1 Mi Piace

Well done Marco! See you soon!
Live Long And Prosper

I hope to see many foreigner friends in this pages!
We all be many many enthusiastic of space!
And not all are man!
Lady Vampire

So say we all


I can also appreciate this nice initiative.
I’m glad to hail every new and foreign space enthusiast who will join us in our discussions.

Welcome again!!