Bolden è in cerca di un piano B

Personalmente sono contrario a qualsiasi ipotesi di prolungamento della vita dello Shuttle. Se davvero c’è la volontà politica di mettere altre risorse, lo si faccia per accelerare lo sviluppo del suo successore.

Ha ragione Peppe!
E’ un agonia lenta e lunghissima!!

Bolden vuole un piano B?


Come già detto…con i lego e Photshop è semplice, sicuro e veloce

in computer grafica è un conto, voglio vederti a farlo nella realtà… :fearful:
l’intenzione è recuperare l’ET com’è già, ma non reggerebbe quel carico e bisognerebbe ridisegnarlo da 0…
se ne è già parlato diffusamente, e la realizzazione è controproducente… costerebbe di più riadattare i progetti vecchi che ideare un vettore nuovo, ottenendo un prodotto migliore…

Non si era parlato di un possibile utilizzo del Venture Star x-33?

Credo sia l’unico “piano” che ancora manca all’appello… no, nessuna possibilità di X-33 :wink:

Così è finita sul serio l’era degli spazioplani?

No beh, finito per sempre non c’è nulla… anche perchè rimane in pista soprattutto il Dream Chaser, per ora non ce ne sono molti in vista ecco…

Vediamo le ultime.
Da Nasawatch:

Shelby has frank discussion with NASA Administrator, WAFF

“A frank discussion took place on Capitol Hill Thursday between Senator Richard Shelby and NASA administrator Charlie Bolden. It took place behind closed doors in Senator Shelby’s office. Bolden and Shelby are very far apart on NASA’s vision and therefore NASA’s budget. In fact, many in Congress don’t even see a vision for the space agency if there is no government owned and operated human space flight program , namely Constellation, once the shuttle retires.”

A Strategic Retreat From Leadership, Rep. Mike Coffman, Huffington Post

“Seeking to put his stamp on America’s storied adventures in rocketry and robotics, the president could have gone boldly in new directions, using past achievements as a springboard to new destinations. But his proposed budget for space exploration describes an approach that is both reckless and naïve.”

New NASA plans developing in Congress and, reportedly, inside NASA itself, Huntsville Times

"Bolden said in a statement later Thursday that NASA isn’t undercutting the White House plan. “The president’s budget for NASA is my budget. I strongly support the priorities and the direction for NASA that he has put forward,” Bolden said. “I’m open to hearing ideas from any member of the NASA team, but I did not ask anybody for an alternative to the president’s plan and budget.”

Aderholt "Extremely Pleased" NASA May Be Planning Alternatives To Ending Constellation

“I am extremely pleased that NASA may be considering a Plan B option to the President’s proposal to cancel human space flight. Since the President announced his Budget last month, I and many of my Republican and Democrat colleagues have expressed our disapproval of the plan, along with our desire in continuing with Constellation. But the fight is not over. I will continue to work on this because I believe that human spaceflight and exploration beyond earth is the very reason for NASA’s existence.”

Massive Fight Under Way To Keep Shuttle Program, WESH

“On Thursday, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden said he still supports the president’s plan to end U.S. human spaceflight. However, when he meets with members of Congress, he is expected to at least discuss Plan B.”[/quote]

New hope for Ares, ATK / NASA may be considering compromise,

“Bishop, R-Utah, cited a news story in the Wall Street Journal that says a memo by a member of Bolden’s staff is telling NASA officials to plan out “what a potential compromise might look like” to satisfy Obama administration critics of the Constellation program. Bishop said Thursday that congressional delegations from Utah, Alabama, Florida and Texas are joining forces to work with NASA to keep Constellation alive. He said the memo is a hint that NASA is starting to listen.”

Come si vede Bolden smentisce il piano B (ma è credibile che un autorevole testata come il Wall Street Journal abbia inventato una notizia del genere?
E perchè poi?)
Tuttavia intorno a questo fantomatico plane B c’è tutto un agitarsi di congressisti.
Comunque sia, questo Bolden sempre meno continua a piacermi.

Bolden chiarisce il tutto:

[i]During a Strategic Management Council meeting on Tuesday, I asked JSC Director Mike Coats and MSFC Director Robert Lightfoot to put together a very small team to help me develop an accelerated plan for research and development on a heavy lift launch vehicle for future exploration, in support of that element of the President’s FY11 NASA budget. Regrettably, this was subsequently reported by the news media as a request for a “Plan B” alternative to the President’s budget.

As I have said in all hands meetings, Congressional testimony, and interviews, I advised the President on our budget for FY11 and it is MY budget. I have not asked anyone to develop an alternative to that budget and plan, and I don’t want anybody to do so. Rather, I have asked - and am asking - for input on how the exceptional talents and capabilities we have developed in our organization can best be applied going forward to advance the elements of our new plan.

I find great comfort in knowing that President Obama has seen fit to put his faith in us to develop a game-changing strategy in our four mission areas, and that he has given us a $6 billion plus up on our FY10 budget as a show of support and trust. I fully believe in the plan that this budget has allowed us to set out for NASA’s road ahead, and unlike many of our detractors, I do believe it will very likely allow us to reach exploration destinations sooner and more efficiently than we would have been able to while we were struggling to develop the Constellation Program.

Will this be difficult? Yes, it will, but as President Kennedy said when he challenged the nation to send humans to the moon and bring them safely back to Earth in 1961, we do it not because it’s easy, but because it is hard. I’m told that Dr. Robert Gilruth, the Director of the Johnson Space Center in the days of Apollo was heard to have said at the end of the Apollo Program, “People will know how difficult it was for us to go to the Moon when they try to return.”

We in the NASA family know all too well the difficulty of the things we do, and we now want to go to Mars and other deep-space destinations. We all know that we can’t get there with the technology and knowledge base that we have today, and that is why we must aggressively embark on a robust program of research and development. I firmly believe we have a budget that supports the goals and dreams we all share, and that we will maintain our technological leadership as well as our acknowledged leadership of human space flight in the world. I need all of you to believe as I do and pull together as a team to make this happen.

Thanks very much for the privilege of serving again with all of you and being able to call myself your leader.

Charlie B.[/i]

Giusto! Se fossi Ross creerei una linea di giocattoli! :slight_smile: