ExoMars: problemi ai due paracadute durante il test del 28 maggio

Il comunicato di ESA è di qualche giorno fa.

The most recent test took place from a height of 29 km with the aid of a stratospheric helium balloon, and focused on the deployment sequence of all four parachutes.

A precise release of the drop test vehicle occurred at the planned altitude and the first pyrotechnic mortar activated normally to release the first pilot chute – which inflated correctly.

The main parachute lid release mechanism worked and the first main parachute also inflated well, but several radial tears in the fabric were observed immediately following extraction from the main parachute bag, before the parachute experienced maximum load.

The second pyrotechnic mortar also worked normally, ejecting the second pilot chute, which also inflated as expected. The second main parachute was extracted from its bag, but one radial tear was observed, again before reaching peak inflation loads.

In un articolo che riassume i fatti, space.com scrive che

project officials said they still have time to correct the problem before its launch in a year

Qui c’è il video del test di marzo a bassa quota che invece si era concluso senza problemi.

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