Fobos-Grunt penetrator to be built by PSRC

Polish Space Research Center will be responsible for construction of Fobos-Grunt penetrator that will be used by the lander to collect samples of the little moon. It’s unique construction allows it to work in low gravity enviroments, however retaining the ability to function in soft as well as dense materials.

Construction resembles previously made MUPUS probe, built for Rosetta spacecraft.

In return, Polish scientists will gain access to collected material from Phobos surface.

Rendering of CHOMIK sampler:

Image of container (left) and sample (right) taken from tests. In the middle - MUPUS penetrator:

P.S. CHOMIK in polish means “hamster” :slight_smile:

This is another move for CBK after BRITE-PL sats were approved - looks like we are finally moving forward.

Great!! :clap: