Interessante conferenza sulle tute marziane...

May 26, 2006

“The Second Annual Suited for Mars: Advanced Spacesuits Symposium.”

A critical requirement of safe and successful surface exploration of
Mars will be the development of a lightweight durable and versatile
spacesuit. Whether this will be a hybrid of Hardsuit, Softsuit and/or
mechanical counter pressure suit has yet to be determined. But now is
the time to investigate the design of such a suit.

With this in mind the Mars Society Spacesuit Task Force again has
invited to this symposium professionals from throughout industry who
have worked on or are simply interested in advanced spacesuit design.
We hope to gather many of the major players in the field.

Current planning has “The Second Annual Suited for Mars: Advanced
Spacesuits Symposium” taking place on Friday the 4th of August 1:00 PM
to 5:00 PM at the 9th Annual Mars International Mars Society
Conference. The conference will take place at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel
from August 3-6, 2006 in Washington, DC

Submit abstracts of 300 words or less to: Or mail
them to

The Mars Society
PO Box 273
Indian Hills, CO 80454

Early bird special Registration rates end on June 1st.

Some of the confirmed speaker for the conference itself are:

Michael Griffin (NASA, Administrator)
Scott Horowitz (NASA, Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems)
Brian Chase (NASA, Associate Administrator for Legislative Affairs)
Scott Hubbard (SETI)
Elon Musk (Founder and CEO of SpaceX)

Last year’s Spacesuits Symposium had such professionals as:
Paul Webb, MD (Mechanical Counter Pressure Suit expert)
Bruce Webbon (NASA AMES Hardsuit researcher)
Lawrence Kuznetz (NASA JSC advocate of bifurcated suit)
John Dowding (NASA AMES mobile agents dialog system)
John F. McGowan, Ph.D (voice recognition)

The Mars Society was founded in 1998 and is a nonprofit organization
that promotes the goal of human exploration of the Red Planet.
Currently the Mars Society operates two research facilities. Flashline
Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS) located on Canada’s Devon Island
in the Arctic Circle and the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS)
located in the desert southwest of the United States. The Mars Society
has chapters and membership worldwide.

For more information about the Mars Society, or to register for the
conference, visit

–Chris Vancil
Mars Society Spacesuit Task Force