Mars\Desert flora and enviroment related simulation and experiements on Thera GR


Dear all,

I joined the community around a year ago. Despite I never used it I can clearly feel and see that taking part to conversations or just reading brings especially to the italian passionate astronomy and especially space exploration fans a lot of information to learn.

I am writing here for both the italian audience and the english speaking audience and want to talk about the Isle of Santorini relating it to its volcanic origin and thus focusing on the fact that the flora living on the Island in Greece (original name of Santorini is Thera as you probably know). More then talking about it since I am a total newbie to the topic I’d like to learn and I am eager to know that, if any scientific experiment has been run on the Island or is running there, or has been in the past relating to the study of Desertic\volcanic environment and flora with clear objective to learn more about Mars nature and enviroments “up” there.

I know that Cincinnati university with Thera Fundation has been studiying the Island from its history to the geology. A lot can be found here (it’s an amazing website).

I have been starting looking for these information because I was inspired by what I found written exactly on one of the reasearch results written by the reasearchers of Thera foundation (you can found what I am talking about if you go in the Flora and Fauna section papers).

So if anyway has heard or knows of running or past experiments related to the Island and connected to Space Exploration, please could you tell me about it ?

Thank you very much for your interest and for your time.

I am trying to gather these information due to my interest to Mars and Space Exploration and my interest toward nature and exploration of Earth and passion for discovery and astronomy, travel and tourism I have.
I would be infintely grateful if you will share your unique insights or personal opinion also questioning my what I am looking for itself.

Best regards,