NASA new rocket: Liberty


NASA strike back, after US Congress and Senate, Kill ARES I & V
NASA and Alliant Techsystems goes international cooperation with EADS ! :star_struck:

Liberty is de facto Big Stick with the Five-segment SSRB BUT with Ariane 5 core stage
First test launch 2013, Operational in 2015 for launch of Orion capsule to ISS

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in English
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By the way
in US Congress and Senate, the Telephones and cellular phone gonna be red hot :rage:
from very angry call of Lobbyist from Boeing, Lookheed-Martin, Grumman-Nortrop, SpaceX… :face_with_head_bandage:


Michel van, thanks for the data provided. It’s good to know that the thrust of a Space Shuttle booster (12.5 MN) is nearly twice the thrust of an Ariane booster (6.47 MN). I didn’t think it was so much, I thought the Ariane boosters were more powerful.
Let’s hope well for the Liberty rocket, a liftoff of this rocket will be like the one of Ares I-X, in 2009. I remember it very well.


Dear Michel.

thanks for the update.
Personally I don’t like very much such “big stick” (as also disliked the original Ares-I) and I have a mind full of doubt about it.
Anyway it will enter in competition with other rockets like Atlas and Falcon (my favorite one), so let see what will take the future…