NASA nuova missione? - NEEMO

La NASA si sta preparando ad una nuova missione: l’esplorazione subacquea!
Manderà tre astronauti ed un dottore di Cincinnati sotto l’oceano il prossimo mese per studiare la medicina spaziale e le tecniche di camminata sulla Luna.

During the mission, called the NASA Extreme Environment Mission
Operations (NEEMO) project, new long-distance medical techniques that
could help keep spacefarers healthy will be practiced. Doctors
thousands of miles away will guide aquanauts as they perform
surgeries on a patient simulator. Doctors also will remotely control
robotic instruments to do the work. The procedures simulated in
Aquarius may one day be used to respond to emergencies on the
International Space Station, the moon or Mars.

Canadian astronaut Dave Williams will lead the undersea mission April
3-20 on board the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA) Aquarius Underwater Laboratory. NASA astronauts Nicole Stott
and Ron Garan and Dr. Tim Broderick of the University of Cincinnati
round out the crew. Jim Buckley and Ross Hein of the University of
North Carolina at Wilmington will provide engineering support.