Nuovo spazioplano russo

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19.02.2008 / 15:45 New Russian aerospace system

Experimental Machine-Building Plant name. Filled in March plans to finalize the feasibility study (FS) to develop aerospace systems M-91. “This aerospace system consists of the aircraft carrier VM-T and returned the space module, the output in the neighboring space at an altitude of 100 km with a five-minute stay in weightlessness and Landing at the airport from aircraft - told the Interfax-AVN” in the Tuesday source in the military-industrial complex. According to him, the space module is designed for two pilots and 14 passengers.

The flights will be conducted on a commercial basis. “Feasibility study is being funded by domestic commercial structures” - said the agency interlocutor. He said that in the second quarter of this year is planned to proceed with the development project sketch aerospace systems M-91.

“The first commercial flight, according to forecasts by experts, will take place through 3,5-4 years. Annually scheduled to perform up to 100 flights” - said the agency interlocutor. He noted that the finalization of the necessary two aircraft involved in the project VM-T will hold EMZ Myasischeva name, and the creation of 16 - returned local space module will deal with the NGOs’ Blitz. "

Airplane VM-T developed on the basis of the strategic bomber M 3 as a transporter elements rocket and space systems “Energy-Buran.” With it, planned, in particular, to deliver cosmodrome orbiting spacecraft (11 product F36) and the central block “T” launcher “Power” (11 product K25). All three aircraft were built VM-T, including two flight. VM-T can carry oversized cargo weighing up to 50 tons, a length of up to 45 m in diameter and up to 8 meters

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