pubblicato report sulle criticità di STS119

NASA Space Flight ha pubblicato il report sulle cricità emerse nella missione STS119

L’ho tovato molto interessante

…“With Discovery now in the final two week stretch before launch on STS-119, the Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) has reviewed many critical aspects of Discovery’s upcoming flight, including rendezvous options with the International Space Station (ISS), the mission’s flight design and dynamics, and the associated Launch On Need (LON) mission which would be supported by Endeavour. …”

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Credevo che arrivare all’ISS fosse fuori discussione… :thinking:


cioe’ sono un pollo! :flushed:
Ho confuso la 119 con la 125! I numeri di 3 cifre mi mandano in overflow… :flushed: :disappointed: