salve :D

ciao a tutti sono jack :smiley: 18enne pronto a diplomarsi questanno… :smiley:

Benvenuto nel forum;)

Benvenuto tra noi!

Guess I should say hello too.
Greetings from the north, guys (and galls). :beer:

Yes Marco, it’s me - fox :ok_hand:

P.S. Sorry for using english, but I guess it’s far better than my italian (and I doubt You can speak my bizzarish language ;))

Benvenuto a bordo anche da me!

Benvenuto in questo forum di “Malati di Astronautica”
Buona permanenza.

Benvenuto :smile:

Hey Maquis! Marco told me about your forum. It’s really like looking in a mirror in a way. A Polish mirror, though :slight_smile:

You might want to open a new thread in this same board (you should know your way around SMF :slight_smile: ) to say hello, and leave this to welcome Jack.

English’s fine, if you can read other messages in italian. We have a few foreign members and the conversation flows, despite the language barrier.
We even have a dedicated board, but most of the time we manage to keep bilingual conversations in the usual sections.

Looking forward to share our passion!


P.S. Oh, e benvenuto Jack!



Ciao Jack!
Benvenuto nell’universo di forumAstronautico!

Benvenuto a bordo!

Ben arrivato! :ok:


ciao e buon lift off.

Ciao e benvenuto!

Ciau! :slight_smile:



ciao e benvenuto!!