Scott Kelly, comandante della STS-118 scrive una lettera ai media

[i]"It was with much regret that I read some of the reporting following the recent release of the Astronaut Health Committee report. To imply that my crew or I would ever consider launching on our mission in anything but the best possible condition is utterly ridiculous. We have trained our entire lives to get to this point in our astronaut careers and clearly understand the complexity and the risks involved. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone in the astronaut office would consider doing what is suggested in this report and exaggerated in the press - showing up on launch day under the influence of alcohol. This is serious business and we take it as such.

My understanding and that of the rest of my crew with regard to NASA’s policy on alcohol and flying aircraft, or spacecraft, was no different before this panel’s report was released than it is now. It simply does not happen.

The immediate reporting of allegations of improper alcohol use as fact, allegations that were a very small part of the committee’s report, was incorrect. NASA is investigating those allegations as it should, and the report does contain suggestions that may do much to improve the health care of astronauts. To see a minor part of the report exaggerated and misrepresented was extremely disappointing. Our own children see those articles, as do many, many children that find inspiration in the space program. We fully understand our responsibility to this country, to the taxpayers, as role models and to the cause of exploration, and we never take those matters lightly.

And finally, our leadership would never overlook or disregard the types of claims and concerns for safety as is suggested in this report. NASA’s number one priority is to fly in space as safe as we possibly can. Period!

Scott Kelly
Commander STS-118[/i]

Gran bella risposta del Comandante di STS-118 a tutte le baggianate esagerate dalla stampa! [-X
Certo che anche alla NASA prima di venire fuori con un rapporto del genere senza prima assicurarsi che tipo di fondatezza potesse avere… :kissing_heart:
Sicuramene il caso della Novak ha pesato ma adesso non vorrei che fossero passati da un estremo all’altro… :roll_eyes:

Bella lettera, bravo comandante!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: in effetti si la NASA dovrebbe fare un po’ più attenzione a come presenta le notizie, ormai si sa che i giornalisti sono megalomani per cui bisogna sempre aspettarsi delle enormi esagerazioni e di conseguenza bisogna presentare le informazioni in modo che i giornalisti ci possano ricamare il meno possibile!!

Uhmm non vorrei dire una stupidata ma il rapporto non è stato divulgato dalla NASA, ma era stato solo richiesto dalla NASA ad una commissione indipendente, ed è questa che lo ha reso noto.