Short introduction

Hello all, I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself.
I am from Chile and have always been fascinated with space and aeronautics in general.
I have found this forum to be very interesting and I hope you don’t mind if I look around!
I appologize for not writting in Italian, I will have to use English instead :flushed:

Best regards,


Hi DownInFlames and welcome to
No problems at all with english, but be aware our responses will be in Italian. Then using Google Translation or something similar you’ll have in Spanish or English as you wish.
We are more than happy to be of help, and feel free to write here whenever you want.

Thank you marcozambi for your warm welcoming!

Hi there! :smile:

Hi DownInFlames, welcome aboard!


Welcome! :clap: :clap:


Welcome to FA

Hi ____


Salute e Latinum per tutti !

Welcome in board.
:scream: DownInFlames comes from Chile! Had you visited the Atacama desert and ESO observatory?

Welcome aboard :beer:

Welcome! Benvenuto!


Welcome :beer:

Ciao Ciao !

Thank you all very much for welcoming me!
Nemo: Yes, I have been to the Atacama desert many times, it is quite an amazing place!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome among us!!!

Welcome. This is a very interesting forum.