The Return Of the Gemini Spacecraft ?

the Space Operations, Inc (SOI) is a private company, Founded in January of 2011
who want to rebuild the Gemini as Eclipse Spacecraft for

Satellite Servicing/Repair
Satellite Deployment
Space Tourism
Debris Deorbit
New Space Station Construction/Resupply

The Eclipse Spacecraft use fourth Module for Payloads
and as adaptor to Delta IV, Atlas V or Falcon 9 Booster
landing will use paraglider & skids on land
SOI plans a test launch on February 20, 2012, with a regular flight schedule beginning in late 2012 or early 2013.


It’s a very interesting news, Michel! :ok_hand:

This is really interesting. Gemini was a hell of a spacecraft, but it seems to me it would be difficult to adapt it for the needs of space turists, expecially if the idea is to use it for long duration flights.
The king of the problems (for a turist of course): where to place the toilet in such a small spacecraft? I thinl the “glove” solution is not suitable.
Another issue is the “safety factor”: Gemini was the only vehicle, along with the space shuttle, without a real crew safety device. Forget the ejectable seats…

maybe because I recently watched it, but these news recall me "The Astronaut Farmer" movie...

Could it be a a publicity stunt to raise money?

It could be an interesting thing, but I think it is a publicity stunt to raise money.

Uh, not a best choice if you consider Gemini had no LAS.
Unless this one would have it.

I really can’t imagine how the resurrection of the Gemini spacecraft could be cheaper, safer or more reliable and versatile than simply “buying” a Soyuz…

Because Gemini spacecraft is a “All American Product” and the “average American” prefers a old american ship instead of a new “not american” capsule.

I also hope in a return of Gemini spacesuit.

The trick to use existing projects (and therefore tested) is not new in aviation. It seems to me an excellent idea. However, I wonder how much it might cost to reopen the production line … should build numerous ships. Also today we are moving towards reusable cargo … the Gemini was disposable!

In addition, the astronauts on the Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle as those were “real” astronauts. I spoke to one of them … about Apollo of training and was very critical on behalf the astronauts-tourists like Dennis Tito. According to them are not astronauts and a medium like Gemini required considerable experience of piloting.

An youtube video clip:

and a interesting thread on about Eclipse: