Cieli azzurri su Plutone?

Forse all’alba e al tramonto…

I’ve been talking with my pal and New Horizons team member Tod Lauer, who pointed out that although it would be fainter than on Earth, the haze in Pluto’s atmosphere should be visible to the human eye around sunset/sunrise, and might very well give the sky a blue cast there. I’m inclined to agree with him; he pointed out that images of a crescent Pluto show the haze is visible above the surface (and even very softly illuminates the surface), and the human eye should be able to pick it up near the horizon. I’m pretty sure the sky would look black above you fading to blue near the horizon

Un altro “wow” si aggiunge alla lista di New Horizons! :nerd:

Beh, sulla terra abbiamo: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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