L'orgoglio Britannico per ExoMars


Aurora - UK Prepares for a Return to Mars PPARC June 12, 2006

On Monday 12 June 2006, PPARC announced an investment of 1.7 million pounds in R&D to enable UK scientists and engineers to develop key instrumentation and technologies for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars mission. ExoMars, the first mission in ESA’s Aurora programme of planetary exploration and slated for launch in 2011, will explore the Red Planet with a suite of sophisticated instruments and seek clues to the existence of past or present life.

ExoMars will explore the Martian surface with a mobile rover and a stationary science module. ExoMars will:

  • search for traces of past and present life at, and near, the Martian surface
  • characterise Martian geochemistry and water distribution at various locations
  • increase knowledge of the Mars environment and geophysics
  • identify potential hazards before landing other robotic spacecraft - or, in the longer term, humans

PPARCs investment is focussed on instruments and technology in which the UK has a proven and recognised track record, building on the heritage from Beagle 2 technology and missions such as Mars Express and Huygens. The 9 funding awards will develop areas which the UK considers to be critical, enabling academia and industry to develop flight-ready technology in time for the ExoMars mission.

The awards are for:

  • the Rover to explore the surface
  • Life Marker Chip to search for organic materials
  • Panoramic Camera to map the planet in 3D
  • X-ray Diffractometer to study the geology of Mars
  • Microseismometer to search for Marsquakes
  • The Atmospheric Experiment Package to develop the wind sensor element
  • UV-VIS spectrometer to look at the radiation that reaches Mars
  • Entry, Descent and Landing systems technology to safely deliver the spacecraft to the surface
  • Fluid Inertial Simulation to model parachute behaviour on Mars

More details on each of these and wider UK work is available in the accompanying information pack .

Prof Keith Mason, PPARC’s Chief Executive, said “Mars Express has, and still is, delivering outstanding science from orbit around the Red Planet. It has revealed some amazing facts about Mars and even more amazing images but we have unfinished business on the surface. To really understand the mysteries of Mars we need ground-truth data and ExoMars will deliver that with the rover and base station”.

Prof Mason added, “The UK is already the second largest financial contributor to the Aurora programme in Europe confirmation that we intend to be a major player. This latest PPARC funding will position our scientists and engineers to win leading roles in instruments and technology in the first mission, ExoMars”.


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