Astronauta Koichi Wakata

Dati personali

Nome Koichi Wakata
Data di nascita 1963-08-01
Nazionalità :jp: Giapponese
Tipo Governativo
Affiliazione Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Status In attività
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Note biografiche

(Traduzione automatica) Koichi Wakata (若田 光一 Wakata Kōichi, born 1 August 1963) is a Japanese engineer and a JAXA astronaut. Wakata is a veteran of four NASA Space Shuttle missions, a Russian Sojuz mission, and a long-duration stay on the International Space Station. During a nearly two-decade career in spaceflight, he has logged more than eleven months in space. During Expedition 39, he became the first Japanese commander of the International Space Station. Wakata flew on the Sojuz TMA-11M/Expedition 38/Expedition 39 long duration spaceflight from 7 November 2013 to 13 May 2014. During this spaceflight he was accompanied by Kirobo, the first humanoid robot astronaut.


Dal Al Destinazione Lancio Veicolo spaziale
International Space Station Space Shuttle Endeavour / OV-105 | STS-127 Space Shuttle Endeavour
International Space Station Falcon 9 Block 5 | Crew-5 Crew Dragon Endurance
Orbita bassa terrestre Space Shuttle Endeavour / OV-105 | STS-72 Space Shuttle Endeavour
International Space Station Space Shuttle Discovery / OV-103 | STS-92 Space Shuttle Discovery
International Space Station Sojuz FG | Sojuz TMA-11M Sojuz TMA-11M


Expedition Ruolo Inizio Fine Durata
Expedition 18 Flight Engineer 2008-10-12 2009-04-08 178:00:15:00
Expedition 19 Flight Engineer 2009-03-28 2009-05-29 61:23:29:00
Expedition 20 Flight Engineer 2009-05-29 2009-10-11 135:00:02:00
Expedition 38 Flight Engineer 2013-11-10 2014-05-11 181:00:36:00
Expedition 39 Commander 2014-03-11 2014-05-13 63:22:34:00
Expedition 68 Flight Engineer 2022-09-28 - In corso

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